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Here are some kind words from our residents, their families and our team. Please feel free to send us any comment you have to

Resident Views

"Jill and her team of carers provided an exceptional level of service to my mother, with dementia, over a six year period. Often going above her remit they helped organise extra equipment, chairs and special beds to ensure her quality of life was as comfortable as possible. The team were very proactive by managing her deteriorating condition by preventing secondary infections and maintaining perfect skin integrity. I am in no doubt, that with their care, my mother enjoyed a few extra quality years of life" family of Home Care service user.

"Thank you for the special party, I want you to know how much we appreciate all the thought, time and real hard work that went into that deliciously cooked meal." - Janet (83)

"Thank you for all your kind greetings on the occasion of my 105th Birthday. I have been so happy and content for some 10 years, thanks to Abbeyfield." - Edgar (105)

"I enjoy going out for walks along the river with staff or volunteers." - Faith (73)

"Excellent, a real 'Home from home.'" - Eileen (82)

"This home is one of the best and all the staff are very helpful." - Len (95)

"It’s great that the chef's ask us about what we would like to eat." - Alfred (88)

"The staff are always so cheerful and caring." - John (84)

Relatives & Visitor Views

"Staff are unfailingly friendly and approachable and respond to any questions/comments straight away." - Angela, Relative.

"Personal care for my mum, who needs a lot of help, is superb." - Martin, Relative

"My mother could not be in a better, more comfortable and more caring environment. Thank you for making a difficult time more bearable." - Ray, Relative

"I came to visit my friend and would like to say how impressed I was with the home and the way my friend is cared for and can still maintain her independence. The home is in such pleasant surroundings and seems more like a hotel." Nita, Visitor.

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how wonderful your staff are, I visited my father regularly and never saw anything but kindness and understanding from everyone who came into contact with him. They coaxed him, made him smile, but most importantly treated him with respect and consideration." Susan, Relative

"I would like to say a huge Thank You for the impeccable care you showed towards my father. It is comforting to know that his last years were spent in a caring environment with such attentive staff." Colin, Relative

"We are hugely grateful to all of you for the kind and perceptive way you looked after our mum, we know she had absolute trust in the care you gave her and feeling safe and secure is perhaps one of our deepest and precious needs." Family of Resident

“My aunt is well looked after and I can’t fault her care”

“This is a fun and friendly home. I always find the staff to be happy and always interacting with the residents. The kindness and care shown to my father is exemplary”

“It couldn’t be a better place for my father to live – the main thing is the wonderful attitude of everyone at Ridgway Court, exemplified by the Christmas party – all so thoughtful and kind and positive and upbeat”

“The place is always fresh, clean, cheerful and vibrant. The staff are friendly, helpful, caring and always available for a chat. There is a lot of laughter and silliness which is greatly appreciated”

“Staff are always cheerful and residents are obviously well cared for. My mother is much better in all ways than she was when she moved in three years ago”

“Very happy with the standard of care”

“I am so relieved that ‘Doc’ has settled so well. A load of my mind.”

“I find the nursing staff excellent”

“Our first impression when we walked into Hatch Mill was unbelievable. As we were shown around, everywhere was open and friendly, nothing hidden behind closed doors. Everything explained. Happily our first impression was correct. It is even better than we thought”

“Overall experience with the home is very good indeed”

“I’m very pleased I moved dad to Hatch Mill. All my dealings with the staff, at every level, have been positive. They are receptive and always willing to help. I definitely feel his level of care has improved since moving from his previous care home and am relaxed knowing he is being looked after”

“Commitment of the staff is clearly evident! The caring ethos is supported by all”

“The facilities provided and care of the residents is excellent and I was particularly impressed by the range of activities over the Christmas period – well done to all the staff concerned.”

“The staff work very hard to produce a clean and tidy and happy home with a pleasant atmosphere. They are also very patient and polite with all the residents and guests. Thank you all.”

“I had no hesitation in recommending to another family member who is now also a resident”

“A traumatic time was made easier by the kind staff”

"My husband, has been a resident here, at Hatch Mill, since May 2016. I have visited him on a, mostly, daily basis. When Covid reared its head in the Far East and then globally; with the threat of lockdown seeming to be inevitable, I arranged a meeting with the managers about the effect that would have on my husband, me and the family. A difficult conversation I anticipated..... not so. They too had been thinking about it and came up with this suggestion; that I could move into the only free room they had at that time. I would move in, pay a daily rate and follow all the rules, protocols and testing regimes of the staff. I cannot begin to express what a huge benefit this has been to my husband, me and our wider extended family. The management and staff have accepted me as part of the team. I have seen from the inside, the dedication, the support to each other and to the residents, the willingness to step in to pick up extra shifts when a colleague has needed to self isolate for themselves or a family member. I have seen the efficiency in making sure we always had a plentiful supply of PPE and anti bac materials. I have witnessed and experienced the heartbreak when a resident became ill, and the humour when things were going well. I have seen the elation when some restrictions were lifted and heard the intake of breath and determination to cope again when they were reversed. Fifteen months on from that decision, i am slowly moving home. A welcome event, but also a little daunting. My admiration and gratitude for the staff, from the bottom to the top, is beyond words, thank you seems not enough somehow."

“I would like to send my compliments to the chef’s on always providing such a fantastic spread. Since moving into the home, my Father’s passion for food has really returned. Being on his own, he tended to survive on frozen meals but now he enjoys a varied and wholesome menu and he loves his food as much as I remember we used to – especially the themed lunches you put on. Thank you !”

Staff Views

"I have worked for the Society for 11 years, the residents feel like part of my family, it’s the best place I have ever worked." - Tracey, member of staff.

"A really friendly atmosphere, staff and Residents are like one big family." - Lorna, member of staff

"I've been involved with the Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society for 13 years and always feel welcome and part of the team." - Sarah Hairdresser