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Care Fees

Find a care solution that's perfect for you and your loved ones.

Weekly fee rates

Fees are reviewed on 1st October each year

Wey Valley House

Residential Care

26 rooms
£1,294 - £1,374 per week

Ridgway Court

Residential Care

16 rooms
£1,231 - £1,358 per week

Hatch Mill

Residential Care

18 rooms - £1,320 - £1,374 per week
1 Double room - POA

Nursing Care

26 rooms - without FNC** £1,718 - £1,808 per week

with FNC** £1,498.29 - £1,588.29 per week

1 Double room - POA

** FNC stands for Funded Nursing Care and is a grant offered towards nursing care fees subject to an individual patients needs and requirements.
Our experienced care team have great expertise with applying for this funding and we will help you, or your loved one complete the process of applying.
Over 75% of our nursing care residents have been successful in their application through our help and are therefore benefiting from the reduced nursing care fees.
Please ask the team for more information on how we can help.

Maitland House, Reading

Residential Care

28 en-suite rooms £1,180 - £1,223 per week

Nower House, Dorking

Residential Care

45 en-suite rooms £1,108 - £1,446 per week

Monthly fee rates – OCT 1

Fees are reviewed on 1st October each year

David Gresham House - Oxted

Residential Care Home

28 en-suite rooms £1,325 - £1,546 per week

Roundhay, Guildford

Sheltered House

10 en-suite rooms - £2,089 - £2,201 per month

Home Care

Home Care

Monday - Friday: £31.00 per Hour

Weekend rate: £33.00 per Hour

Bank Holiday rate: £45.00 per Hour